Just who is Susumu Yokota?
Susumu Yokota is a well-respected electronic music artist from Japan. He has released numerous albums, which span different genres, mainly ambient, house, techno, and electronic.

What was the inspiration for this fansite?
The obvious answer is the music of Susumu Yokota! I discovered his music in 2007 and have been listening and collecting ever since. The purpose of this site is to provide as much information as I can about SY's work in one place, so listeners wouldn't have to Google for hours on end.

Why is the site called Live Echo?
I was trying to think of a good title, and "Live Echo" immediately came to my mind and wouldn't leave my brain. The title comes from a song that can be found on his 2002 album "The Boy and the Tree".

Where can I buy his records?
Most of his recent works can be found on Amazon.com. However, some albums can only be found overseas. I have found the best site for Japan-only releases is hmv.co.jp. As for out-of-print CDs/LPs, you might find them on eBay and other independent sellers if you're lucky. Check the Links page for more recommended music sellers.

He has so many albums to choose from. Which ones do you recommend?
Sakura is probably his most well-known record, but I would definitely recommend Grinning Cat. It contains a mixture of imaginative sounds and beautiful piano melodies. The album will really take you places!

I want to write to Susumu Yokota. How can I contact him?
You will find his e-mail address at his official website: http://susumuyokota.org

I found some information that wasn't posted on this fansite.
I'm always looking for new information to add on this site, whether it's an album review, Yokota-related article, or interview. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at purpleroseminuet@yahoo.com