Lo Recordings(2010)

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1. Your Twinkling Eyes
2. Her Feminineness
3. 9 Petals
4. Sprouting Symphony
5. Photosynthesis
6. Stain On My Heart
7. Metalic Energy
8. Patinated Room Key
9. Wave Drops
10. Lily Scents Jealousy
11. Blue Moon
12. When I Shut My Eye
13. After Falling Twice
14. 2 Skys
15. A Pebble On The Verge Of Breaking
16. Red Moon

"It’s an album that relaxes the listener, one that tries to subdue them and wear them down. The soundscapes are almost hypnotic; the use of repetition and loops seems like a way for Yokota to induce the listener into a trancelike state, somewhere between sleep and consciousness. That there is a song called ‘When I Shut My Eyes’ only adds to the feeling that this album seems to want to put you to sleep."
~ David Pott-Negrine, Planet Notion (read more)